Finally - A Life Insurance Strategy for High Net Worth Individuals That Actually Makes Sense...

The problem with getting traditional life insurance coverage as a high-income, or high-net-worth individual is that the cost of the premiums alone is very substantial. So much so, that it may actually detract from your current cash-flow, or otherwise limit your other investing strategies.

But what if you could retain all of your current investments, as well as bequeath millions of dollars to your loved ones - at very low financial risk, with no out of pocket expenses, and no personal guarantee?

Well, the good news is - you can...with premium financing.

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Premium Financing is About as Close as it Gets to Having Your Cake... and Eating it Too

Most high-net-worth individuals are familiar (or perhaps even well-versed) in investing strategies that involve using other people's money to purchase assets, and then realizing benefits such as: generating cash-flow, building equity, or growing a business - without having to tie up their own cash to do so, which leaves them with far more options financially.

An example that we're all familiar with is borrowing money to buy a rental property. Through the prudent use of financing, the investor only has to outlay a small portion of the total cost of the asset, while still completely benefiting from factors like rental revenue and appreciation. The bottom line is that, all things being equal, the investor who finances his properties is working with much larger figures, and any equity gain is going to be much larger as a result.

Did you know that you can do the same thing with life insurance?

With Premium Financing, it's possible to use other people's money to pay for your premiums - which means that even protecting your family's well-being and lifestyle with a very substantial policy (even one worth several millions of dollars) will cost you very little out-of-pocket.

That means that with Premium Financing, you won't have to rob your other investments just to pay for your premiums. So it really is possible to have the best of both worlds - having a cake, and eating it, too.

Talk to us today to find out why this is financially prudent - and also why there is virtually no risk, as the cash value of the policy itself essentially acts as collateral for the financing of your premiums.

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